Nov. 6 Grace Notes EXTRA

Welcome! Please click here to read the November 6, 2022 edition of Grace Notes, the newsletter and home worship bulletin of Grace Lutheran Church, Kenosha, Wisconsin.

In this week’s issue:

  • Liturgy, hymns, and scripture for All Saints’ Sunday
  • A Steward’s Prayer
  • Baby Shower November 12
  • Thanksgiving Eve: Come for Worship, Stay for Pie
  • Pastoral Message from Bishop Erickson on Brooks Verdict
  • Veterans’ Day at Lord of Life
  • December Calendar Features Music of Advent and Christmas
  • Book Study & Prayer Group
  • Men’s Group
  • Secretary’s Day Off
  • Fridays for Our Future Rally
  • Church Council Meeting
  • November Lauds
  • 2023 Estimate of Giving Form
  • Congregational Meeting Slated November 20
  • Infant Moses Closed on Thanksgiving*
  • A la Recherche du Temps Perdu

* Correction: Parents coming in on November 10 will receive four weeks’ worth of diapers and be scheduled to come back on December 8.